• Extreme Bugs Now at Houston Zoo

    Meet 13 giant, animatronic bugs up to 60 times larger than the normal size that move, spread their wings, and even spray you with water!

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  • Dinosaurs Rise at Marwell Zoo

    The UK’s Marwell Zoo has been transformed into a jurassic world with eleven life-like animatronic dinosaurs.

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  • Dinos Roar into Tulsa Zoo

    15 life-like animatronic dinosaurs have made their way to Tulsa Zoo for a blockbuster exhibit.

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  • Dinosaurs return to Sweden's Parken Zoo

    Everyone's favourite T-Rex is back at Parken Zoo along with exciting new dinosaurs Allosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Apatosaurus and the feathered Citipati.

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  • Bigger and Badder Dinos
    back at the Bronx Zoo

    Guests will be taken on Chevrolet-powered wagons through a two-acre area of the zoo past more than 30 fully-animatronic dinosaurs as they move, snarl, and roar.

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  • Big Bugs Debut At Minnesota Zoo

    This first-of-its-kind exhibit features giant, animatronic bugs on the Zoo’s Northern Trail along with a live bug display and several fun, interactive elements.

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  • Big Bugs land at Louisville Zoo

    Guests to Louisville Zoo will encounter 13 bugs of epic proportions and experience life from a bug's perspective as they wind their way through the Zoo.

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  • NC Zoo opens Epic Bug Adventure

    Guests will come eye-to-antenna with GIANT animatronic bugs and LIVE ones in the zoo's new live bug encounter dome. This special exhibit, part of the Zoo's 40th Anniversary, celebrates the great diversity of life on this planet.

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Our aim is to help promote awareness of prehistoric life and endangered wildlife in both young and old by making learning fun and entertaining.

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