• Dinosaurs Unextinct Opens Apr 15

    Come face-to-face with 17 life-size, lifelike animatronic dinosaurs in a previously off-limits corner of the L.A. Zoo.

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  • Dinosaurs!

    From March 19 through Sep 5, six life-sized animatronic dinosaurs including a fearsome 23-foot-long T-Rex inhabit the Aquarium’s outdoor garden.

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  • Dino Discovery Back at Birmingham Zoo

    Open March 19 through July 31, this exhibit features life-sized animatronic dinosaurs at heights of nearly 20 feet, weighing almost 7 tons and measuring 85 feet in length!

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  • Dinosaurs Return to Jacksonville Zoo

    Meet a brand new mix of 25 species of animatronic, life-like carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs from March 5 through July 4.

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  • Get “Bugged” at the Virginia Living Museum

    The larger-than-life animatronic exhibit will feature six super-sized critters including the Madagascan Sunset Moth, the Bombardier Beetle, the Orb-Web Spider, and Say’s Firefly.

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About Billings

Billings Productions is a world leader in the design and development of animatronic exhibits for zoos, museums and theme parks.

Our aim is to help promote awareness of prehistoric life and endangered wildlife in both young and old by making learning fun and entertaining.

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